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    Ossila材料TFB CAS:220797-16-0

    Ossila材料TFB CAS:220797-16-0


    General Information

    CAS number220797-16-0
    Chemical formula(C51H61N)n
    Molecular weight Mn = 17,468, Mw = 31,206 KDa (PD = 1.79)
    Absorptionλmax 390 nm (in THF)
    Fluorescenceλem 295 nm, 435 nm (in THF)
    HOMO/LUMOHOMO = 5.3 eV, LUMO = 2.3 eV
    SolventsTHF, Toluene and Chloroform
    Classification / FamilyHole transport material (HTL), Hole injection material (HIL), Electron blocking material (EBL), OLEDs, Perovskite solar cells, Organic and printed electronics


    Product Details

    Melting pointn.a.
    ColourPale yellow powder/fibers


    Chemical Structure

    Poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene-alt-N-(4-sec-butylphenyl)-diphenylamine) (TFB)

    Chemical Structure of Poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene-alt-N-(4-sec-butylphenyl)-diphenylamine) (TFB); CAS No. 220797-16-0; Chemical Formula (C51H61N)n.


    Poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene-alt-N-(4-sec-butylphenyl)-diphenylamine) (TFB) is a triarylamine based semiconductor with a band gap of 3 eV (HOMO and LUMO levels of 5.3 and 2.3 eV, respectively) and a relatively high hole mobility of 2 ×10-3 cm2 V-1 s-1.

    Due to its low ionisation potential and high hole mobility, TFB serves primarily as hole transport layer (HTL), hole-injection layer (HIL) and electron-blocking layer (EBL) material in organic electronic devices. When built into device as an interface material, TFB as an electron blocking layer will not only reduce the chance of electron leakage, but also reduce the possibility of exciton quenching between the interface of the active layer and charge transport layer (F8BT/MoOx for example).

    Ossila材料TFB CAS:220797-16-0

    Device structure                     ITO (120 nm)/PDOT:PSS(50 nm)/TFB (5 nm)/PYGTPA* (75 nm)/PEGPF* (10 nm)/Ca (10 nm)/Al (100 nm) [1]
    ColourDeep blue dellp blue
    Max. luminance         9,242 cd/m2
    Max. Current Efficiency0.85 cd/A
    Bias4.3 V

    Ossila材料TFB CAS:220797-16-0

    Device structure                                           

    ITO/c-ZnO (50 nm)/F8BT (80 nm)/MoO3(10 nm)/Au (50 nm) [2]

    ITO/c-ZnO (50 nm)/F8BT (80 nm)/TFB (60 nm)/MoO(10 nm)/Au (50 nm) [2]

    ColourGreen greenGreen green
    Max. luminance    9,370 cd/m216,460 cd/m2
    Max. Current Efficiency0.34 cd/A0.93 cd/A
    Bias~ 0.60 V~ 0.87 V

    Device structure                                      

    ITO/ZnO/CsPbI3/TFB (60 nm)/MoO3 (5 nm)/Ag (80 nm) [3]

    Colour                                 Red red
    Max. Luminance206 cd/m2
    Max. EQE5.7%


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