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    英國Ossila紫外線臭氧清洗機E511 進口紫外線臭氧清洗機

    英國Ossila紫外線臭氧清洗機E511 進口紫外線臭氧清洗機


    英國Ossila紫外線臭氧清洗機E511 進口紫外線臭氧清洗機

    UV Ozone Cleaner Applications

    Examples of applications for UV Ozone cleaners:

    • Surface cleaning
    • Preparation for thin film deposition
    • UV curing
    • Surface sterilization
    • Cleaning of AFM/STM probes
    • UV chemical reactions
    • Cleaning of optical components
    • Improving surface hydrophilicity
    • Removal of surface monolayers
    • Oxidation of surfaces

    Examples of materials that can be cleaned:

    • Quartz
    • Silicon
    • Silicon Oxide
    • Silicon Nitride
    • Gold
    • Nickel
    • Aluminium
    • Gallium Arsenide
    • Alumina
    • Glass
    • Stainless Steel

    英國Ossila紫外線臭氧清洗機E511 進口紫外線臭氧清洗機

    The images below shows the impact of UV ozone treatment on a substrate to improve surface hydrophilicity.

    Low energy substrate surface before UV Ozone cleaning High energy substrate surface after UV Ozone cleaningWater drop on OTS-treated silicon substrate (300 nm SiO2 on surface) before UV ozone cleaning (left) and after 10 minutes UV ozone cleaning (right).

    UV Ozone Cleaner Features

    Ossila's UV ozone cleaner has the following features:

    • Lowest-cost UV Ozone cleaner
    • 120 mm x 120 mm sample stage
    • Maximum sample height of 14 mm
    • Simple loading-unloading using a drawer
    • Safety interlock for sample drawer
    • LCD display showing 'time passed' and 'time left'
    • 60-minute timer
    • High intensity UV light source
    • High temperature thermal cutout
    • Solvent-free cleaning of samples
    • Provides ultra-clean surface

    UV Ozone Specifications

    UV lamp typeSynthetic Quartz UV Grid Lamp
    UV lamp dominant wavelengths185 nm and 254 nm
    UV lamp dimensions100 mm x 100 mm
    UV lamp supply4000 V, 30 mA
    UV lamp lifetimeT80 (2000 hours); 8-10 years of standard daily use
    Power supply 230 V, 0.6 A , 50 Hz  // opt. ( 110 V, 1.2 A, 60 Hz )
    Max run time59 minutes 59 seconds
    Safety featuresSafety interlock, High temperature warning, thermal cutout
    Substrate tray size120 mm x 120 mm
    Maximum recommended substrate size100 mm x 100 mm


    Overall Dimensions

    Width 204 mm

    Height 227 mm

    Depth 300 mm



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